Our network is application or invite only. Applicants are vetted to ensure we maintain a diverse and inclusive community of members across generations, seniority level, role type, ethnicity and specialism.

Membership is only open to those who identify as female – however we are passionate about the need for allies and will invite other genders to be part of the discussion where appropriate.

The Women’s Accelerator Network was founded in 2023 with a clear aim to break down silos within the female community to build a momentum for change. The Network is the first of its kind within the Financial Services space that will provide women with a free access to drive their career forwards.

Membership Benefits

In-person Events including:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Keynote speakers
  • Networking Drinks
  • Workshop Discussion
  • Mentoring
  • Ideas Exchange
  • Career Advice
  • Connectivity and Peer Introduction

“To me the problem is obvious. There is too much focus on fixing Board level and c-suite gender diversity because it’s the most visible, when in fact we can’t solve that until we fix the real issue of equity in progression and mobility for through mid-management. There are clear broken rungs on the progression ladder for women that are consistent across the industry. Our network is about bringing together the experienced c-suite power women, with the next generation of leaders to accelerate the speed of change and support more women in progressing with equity through their career. We know it works because the internal Women’s Accelerator Program within Apex Group saw over 50% of its participants progressing in their career within its inaugural year – so we wanted to take that external and have that kind of impact on the wider industry as a whole.”


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Rosie Guest

Rosie Guest

The Women’s Accelerator Network is an Apex Group initiative: apexgroup.com

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